Make garden more fun.


DiBiBi is an Garden & Outdoor Living Brand originated from France,It is the leader and practitioner of the Modern trendy’s  garden and outdoor living in the worldwide.

Since DiBiBi creation, DiBiBi is committed to applying fashion trend design, professional and intelligent products, Improving people's quality of life and make living more fun.

Starting from baby and child products, DiBiBi has further developed into smart home fields such as outdoor & garden’s Product Lines .

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DiBiBi adheres to the brand concept of "fashion design, fun living", Inheriting the French fashion aesthetic, co-designed with many famous designers around the world, Relying on the research results of the development of modern gardening and smart home application, Focus on the selection of healthy and environmentally friendly materials, To provide global consumers with more trendy, interesting, professional, safe and high-quality products and services.

Satisfy people's realization of comfortable, trendy and individual living.

DiBiBi Strategic

Brand mission
make outdoor garden’s living more fun.
Brand vision
to become the leader and practitioner of Modern trendy’s garden and outdoor living in the worldwide.
Brand value
beautiful innovation, sincere treatment, honestly and childlike, happy living.
Category positioning
French modern trendy’s brand in outdoor and garden’s field.
Core value
fashion design, trendy life.
Make garden more fun
Brand style
trendy, fashion, wisdom, honesty and responsibility.
Brand advantage
fashion design, healthy and environmental protection, high-end quality, intelligent
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DiBiBi IPs

big brother, of Brave and responsible.
Brave, stylish, adventurous and challenging
Young brother, of the erudite and wise.
Wise, gentle and loving.
a beautiful and cute little sister full of childlike fun
Curious, childlike, lively

DiBiBi Origins

DiBiBi brand was founded in 2011, by some PhDs.

This is a group of fashionable, life-loving, sunny and happy young people.

The founding team of the DiBiBi believes that human life should be colorful, Everyone should adapt to their own personality to choose a lifestyle that suits them, Nor should the meaning of life be measured by a single dimension or even uniform.

Everyone should fully release themselves and enjoy the happy time of every day, Live with individuality, joy, calmness and dignity.

As a result, the DiBiBi brand came into being.

Colorful and inclusive, The brand connotation of fashion and not deliberately new brings people a completely different experience, It is a manifestation of an attitude towards life, Everyone can find their own trendy life under its guidance.

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DiBiBi future

At the beginning of the establishment of the DiBiBi brand, We have integrated the concept of "fashion design, trendy life" into the brand gene, Meet consumers' expectations for a better life in the future.

Humanization and intelligence are the core highlights of our product design.

These highlights are fully reflected in our baby&Child products at brand started period.

After 11+ years of development, We have grown into a well-known brand with rich content.

At the earliest, we started from baby and child products and successively developed a number of intelligent living product lines such as outdoor, garden,houshold products.

now, Our various products are selling in major countries and regions around the world, Deeply recognized by fans and consumers.

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Brand achievements

DiBiBi has won many honors along the way, It has been rated as "Top 10 Brands with The Most Potential for Development",  "Excellent Brands" and "Public Welfare Brands" by many media.

In terms of design

DiBiBi has won the "Creative Design Award" of Florence Creative Design Week, German Red Dot Award, China Good Design Honor Award, and many other awards.

In terms of social welfare

DiBiBi is committed to helping underprivileged children, Through charities such as the United Nations Children's Organization, Establishment of rural primary school libraries for poor areas, Empower children to get better reading resources.

In terms of environmental protection

DiBiBi participates in the "Green River" environmental protection organization, It has made its own contribution to the protection of river water resources.