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R&D innovation


Since the establishment of the DiBiBi, We regard technology research and development as an important competitive advantage of the company, Drive DiBiBi brand development with technology research and development.

So we are first to set up R&D Department, relying on the technical and professionals support of France, Britain and china domestic technical teams, we have experienced and innovative technical research and development team.


DiBiBi brand corporate organization set 1 R&D base and 2 R&D centers in East China, set a zhejiang provincial enterprise technology research and development center officially certificated by the government, with strong design and development capabilities.

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Every year undertake zhejiang provincial major new product project development, major science and technology plan project development.


After more than 12 years of development, we have a technical team of more than 100+ people, and senior technical talents account for more than 20% of the total persons of the company.


2 persons holds high-level talents at the provincial level in Zhejiang; 5 persons holds national senior engineer titles; 6 of whom holds Phd's.


The company's annual investment in product research and development founds for more than 20% of corporate profits, and has achieved fruitful results.

3 R&D centers

DiBiBi brand in East China set 1 R&D base and 2 R&D centers

Jinhua RD base 1
Jinhua RD base 2
DiBiBi Jinhua Dongmei R&D base:

with 6000㎡  and 120 employees.

Hangzhou Singapore innovative design center 1
Hangzhou Singapore innovative design center 2
DiBiBi Hangzhou Singapore innovative design center:

with 500㎡  and 40 employees.

Hangzhou Nord RD center 1
Hangzhou Nord RD center 2
DiBiBi Hangzhou Nord R&D center:

with 1000㎡  and 70 employees.

Our technology specialty



We have a mature Internet of Things, which can remotely access the environmental parameters and video images inside the storage shed in real time, remotely or automatically control the exhaust system, lighting system and so on.

Applying the world's leading artificial intelligence technology to the research and development of intelligent equipment such as cleaning robots can make the work intelligent and automated.

Mechanical structure

Mechanical structure:

  1. The super-stable storage shed material component designed based on the latest mechanical structure principle has higher structural strength and is stable and reliable;
  2. Through reliable mechanical design, the storage shed accessories are perfectly combined, more versatile and easy to maintain daily.
Industrial Design

Industrial Design:

  1. We have a professional team of industrial designers, according to your needs for the product appearance and structure design, so that it is more suitable for the use of the environment;
  2. The fashionable and interesting design style shows the tonality of DiBiBi brand, which is different from other general brands.
Electronic Technology

Electronic Technology:

Based on mature electronic technology to develop a variety of baby and child electrical products and household intelligent products, combined with their own powerful software development ability to make our products more intelligent, more practical.

Disinfection chemicals

Disinfection chemicals:

We have made great achievements in the research and development of HCIO technology applied to disinfection products, which can make HCIO in any high and low concentration of 1 ~ 1000ppm long-term stability, and the accuracy up to 0.1ppm.

DiBiBi Technical
R&D achievements


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