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DiBiBi storage series products are equipped with intelligent modules, which are more simple and convenient to use. These include outdoor induction lights, indoor induction lights, and temperature-controlled exhaust fans. It can monitor the environment in real time and work automatically.

Creative designs

Our range of storage products is unique in style and stylish in design, so you can add or subtract according to your needs.

Kingcenter series Intelligent Plastic Sheds with Gable roof Warm brown 8x20ft 2
Detail drawing of plastic storage shed 5

Green environmental protection

Storage series products are made of environmentally friendly materials, recyclable and reusable, and will not produce harmful substances to pollute the environment.

Strong and durable

Storage series products are made of high-performance high-quality materials, through strict quality testing, reasonable structural design. It can resist the influence of bad weather.

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Complete range of types and sizes

Our storage products have many series, different shapes, a wide range of colors and sizes, to meet the different needs of consumers. In addition, we also accept exclusive customization.

Anticorrosive wear-resisting

All parts and plates are specially treated to prevent ultraviolet rays, rust and corrosion, and are durable.


After-sale guarantee

All accessories are guaranteed for one year after sale, and some models are guaranteed for 5 years.