Health & Environmental Protection.

Clean and efficient,
low carbon cycle

DiBiBi is committed to improving people's quality of life with fashionable design and professional intelligent products. A better quality of life should go hand in hand with the future of sustainable development of mankind.

We are working hard to create a "zero waste system" in which all products and materials can eventually be recycled, which is essential for the future of mankind.

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Green Energy

Our products are powered by solar cells for lighting and ventilation, which can minimize the consumption of general energy.

Innovative Design

The bionics design is adopted to realize the self-circulation of indoor air and reduce the consumption of energy. Some products use transparent roofs, using natural light instead of light, energy saving and environmental protection.

Recyclable Materials

Our products are made of environmentally friendly materials, which can be recycled by more than 80% after reaching their service life, thus reducing environmental pollution. We will set up a special environmental protection production line to further increase the proportion of recycled materials in raw materials for product manufacturing.

Talent Reserve

We cooperate with many colleges and universities in China to provide internship bases for students. We provide employees with comprehensive skills training to enable them to master core production skills and reserve qualified industrial workers in batches.

Embrace a
sustainable future

The road of sustainable development is not achieved overnight, and we need to work hard for a long time. With the wisdom of engineers, we will run the concept of energy saving, environmental protection, health and green through our production process, sales process and product use process.

Our goals

Production energy consumption

Production energy consumption

By 2024, the energy consumption per unit output of our products will be reduced by 50%.

Material recovery

Material recovery

By 2025, our products will be 100% recyclable.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Energy saving and environmental protection

By the end of 2022, all of our product lines will use our own clean energy systems.


Personnel training

By the end of 2025, a total of 500 skilled industrial workers will be trained.