DBB brand showcases innovative products at the 135th Canton Fair, attracting inquiries from buyers

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The 135th Canton Fair was held as scheduled in Guangzhou, which is the largest and oldest trade event in China. At this exhibition, the DBB brand successfully attracted a large number of buyers to consult with its outstanding innovation and high-quality products.


DBB Canton Fair1

The DBB brand's booth is H28-29, displaying various products of the DBB brand. In addition to the traditional product display, the DBB brand also launched a series of new products at the exhibition, including plastic lockers and tempered glass greenhouses. The launch of these new products not only attracted a large number of buyers to come to consult, but also made the DBB brand shine at the exhibition.

Plastic locker is a brand new product of DBB brand, which has practical functions such as large capacity, strong weather resistance and simple installation. Tempered glass greenhouse is another innovative product of DBB brand. It adopts advanced tempered glass technology, which has the characteristics of high strength, high transparency and high weather resistance. Tempered glass greenhouse can not only provide a good growth environment for plants, but also provide a comfortable leisure space for people.

At the exhibition site, DBB brand staff warmly introduced these new products to buyers and answered their questions in detail. Many buyers expressed strong interest in DBB brand's new products and had in-depth exchanges and negotiations with DBB brand staff.

DBB Canton Fair

The DBB brand's booth attracted a large number of buyers to consult, which not only showcased the innovation ability and product quality of the DBB brand, but also laid a solid foundation for the expansion of the DBB brand in the global market. In the future, the DBB brand will continue to pay attention to industry trends and provide customers with better products.


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