Which Shed Should You Buy?What kind of material is better?

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Is a Plastic shed better than a metal shed?

Choosing a Plastic vs. a metal shed depends on the purpose of your shed. Although Plastic sheds can be more expensive, if you are looking for a shed to work in, the Plastic is a better option as the metal will get very hot. Plastic sheds are also easier to transport, and easy to assemble. The appearance and location of your shed also play an important role because Plastic sheds come in various textures to make the shed more visually appealing and easier to customize. However, if you’re looking for a durable and inexpensive shed, metal is the better alternative.


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Are wood or Plastic sheds better?


Choosing between metal vs. wood comes down to what qualities you care the most about in your shed. If you are looking for a less expensive and weather-resistant shed, Plastic is the better option. Plastic sheds are weather-resistant against rotting, peeling, rusting, insects, warping, and fading. Plastic is also easier to maintain and assemble. If appearance is important to you, both Plastic and wood will give you the same classic wood appearance. This is because DouxBeBe provides Plastic-based sheds that replicate the look of wooden sheds with all the benefits of a Plastic shed. However, you can find wooden sheds that are pre-assembled and don’t need to be anchored to the ground. If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution that requires no assembly, wood is the better option.


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Which Shed Should You Buy?

The final decision on what shed to purchase comes down to your personal preference. The differences between Plastic vs. wood vs. metal can be narrowed down into 4 categories: price, durability, maintenance, and assembly.

When it comes to price, wood is the most expensive and least environmentally friendly option, the Plastic is the second-most expensive and the most environmentally friendly option, and metal is the cheapest but the hardest to transport and assemble.

All three materials are durable and will be able to hold anything you store. But you’ll want to remember which options are going to last the longest through the harshest weather elements. Wooden sheds are not necessarily waterproof and are not resistant to fire or rotting. Metal sheds are more durable as they are fire, insect, rot, and weather resistant. They can rust, but they are more durable to the elements vs. wood. Plastic is the most durable because it’s weather-resistant to fading, rusting, warping, rotting, insects, and fire.

Assembly is the final factor to consider when purchasing a shed. Some wooden sheds are already built and just require you to install them. However, most wooden sheds are difficult to build and require a lot of work and patience. Metal sheds are also difficult to install and once they are built, it’s very difficult to transport a metal shed. Plastic is the easiest to build and easy to move to a new location because of its lightweight material.


KingSuper series metal garden shed with Gable roof yellow 8x6ft



While all three shed materials are durable and will get the job done, metal and Plastic are better alternatives for weather-resistant sheds that can handle the harshest conditions without any maintenance. Wood and Plastic sheds are the best if you care about the visual appearance of the shed. Plastic sheds are the best option if you are looking for a shed that incorporates all the benefits of wood and metal as well as a sustainable option.

Overall, Plastic sheds were created to address all the disadvantages of wood and metal and are an affordable material for anyone that wants to purchase a shed and never think about it again. You won’t have to worry about fading, rusting, rotting, warping, and more. Simply assemble the shed and get to organizing.

We encourage you to explore the various shed styles and sizes that DouxBeBe offers. If you are looking for other small storage solutions, DouxBeBe also sells boxes and storage benches.

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