Zhejiang DiBiBi Technologies Co., Ltd. improves the production capacity of greenhouse products

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The COVID-19 epidemic has lasted for nearly three years, and great changes have taken place in the global market. There is a very strong demand for self-assembled greenhouses in the European and American markets, and our greenhouses have been sold to many countries and regions.


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The online B2B business has shown an unprecedented growth trend, and we have to increase production capacity to cope with more order demand. Our production line moved from the old factory to the new factory, increasing the number of machines and workers. Our production capacity is now five times that of three years ago and will continue to increase.




If your trading company needs large quantities of greenhouse products, then you need to contact us as soon as possible, so as to shorten your order delivery cycle.

The delivery cycle of overseas orders is affected by factors such as raw material supply, factory capacity, shipping and epidemic control, and is not fixed. We will discuss the specific delivery method and delivery period with you.

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