The Board of Directors of DouxBeBe Company donated 80000 yuan to the Hu Gong Cultural Heritage Project in Yongkang City

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DouxBeBe Company has always been enthusiastic about public welfare and charity. We have not only made our own contributions in the fields of education and environmental protection, but also attached great importance to the inheritance of traditional culture.

In order to further spread traditional culture and help Yongkang local traditional culture project construction, the board of directors of DouxBeBe Company donated 80000 yuan to Yongkang "Hu Gong Culture" inheritance project!


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For the people in the central and western regions of Zhejiang, "Hu Gong" is no stranger. "Hu Gong Culture" has been passed down for thousands of years and is still a real intangible cultural heritage.

Hu Gong, whose real name was Hu Ze, was a native of Yongkang, Wuzhou in the Northern Song Dynasty. As an official for forty-seven years, he was incorruptible, meritorious and deeply loved, so he was honored as "Hu Gong". In 1039, Hu died of illness in Hangzhou. Many places in Zhejiang have built temples to worship him, and there are folk activities such as Hu Gong Temple Fair in Yongkang.

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